Here at Wulaawsuwiikaan Healing Lodge, our programs are designed to support Indigenous people on their healing journey, and to address original or past traumas that have made them unwell – whatever you are dealing with or carrying that you do not want to be carrying anymore.  Please note that the Lodge is not a treatment or detox centre. Our programs are open to Indigenous people and families from across Ontario, though priority will be given to people living in closest proximity.

Getting Started at Wulaawsuwiikaan Healing Lodge

When you connect with us, our Intake Worker will help you to determine what services are best for you and your current circumstances through a consultation and needs assessment. If you are interested in a residential program, we will do an intake interview and review the intake form together. This will be reviewed by staff before a full intake package and letter of acceptance is provided, informing you of when your residential program will begin. Sometimes, the staff might recommend that you complete an external program or refer you to other services.

Because we schedule a limited amount of programming throughout the year, sometimes there will be a bit of time between when you are accepted and when your residential healing program begins. During this time, we might recommend that you access our other services such as regular appointments with a Traditional Mental Wellness Worker or Traditional Knowledge Keeper. You can also participate in our ceremonies, cultural workshops and Indigenous culture based healing. Examples of these include:

  • Private and community sweat lodge ceremonies
  • Full moon ceremonies
  • Seasonal fasting camps
  • Community drum nights
  • Creative cultural activities such as skirt making or drum making

Intake Application Form

This application form can be filled out by a referring service provider. An application can also be picked up at the Lodge. Completed forms can be faxed to 519.289.0149 or emailed to

2018 Wulaawsuwiikaan Healing Lodge Intake Form (PDF)

Daily Programming and Care Services for Service Providers

Wulaawsuwiikaan Healing Lodge offers regular culture based services for ongoing healing and wellness. This includes retreats and ceremonies for service agencies who work with Indigenous people, families and communities. Follow us on Facebook or check out What’s Happening on our website for current offerings.

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