About Us

Wulaawsuwiikaan Healing Lodge is an Indigenous wellness centre that offers culture-based services for ongoing healing for individuals, families and communities. Our programs focus on healing the effects of trauma from colonization and residential schools, and on reducing family violence. They are designed to aid in the recovery of important Indigenous family values and contribute to the movement toward more loving and supportive family units, resilient Clan structures, and peaceful communities.

All programs are culturally-based with sufficient flexibility to meet individual and group needs. They are grounded in the belief that healing is a natural part of one’s life path and that all creation, through natural and spiritual law, moves us toward our highest spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical potential. In its aim to continue the healing process for all Indigenous people, the Lodge incorporates traditional beliefs, values, and culture-based practices to provide wellness and healing to individuals and families. Our staff work as a team to provide support and understanding to program participants who have been impacted by family violence and abuse. We approach healing with an understanding of the impacts of trauma in order to provide compassion, support and understanding to all.

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